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Fizzy 0mg 100ml Shortfill (70VG/30PG)

by Fizzy
3 shortfills for £35

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Made in Malaysia
100ml Shortfill
Strawberry Custard: Fizzy Concentrate Strawberry Custard E liquid is an Malaysian e-liquid blend of ripe wild strawberries paired with vanilla custard. If you're a creamy & strawberry e-juice lover, you have to try this!

Butterscotch Popcorn: Rich yet smooth dessert flavour. Using the rich butterscotch in combination with popcorn, Vaping Fizzy e liquid Butterscotch Popcorn is a fantastic encapsulation of munching popcorns in the cinema. Yummy!

Original Milk Tea: Fizzy Concentrate Original Milk Tea E liquid is an interesting milk tea e-liquid that tastes exactly like the Taiwanese milk tea flavour we all love. If you find yourself drinking milk tea all the time, you have to try this!

Mango: Rich mango e juice that's suitable as an all day vape.

Bull: Fizzy Concentrate Bull E liquid is a no frills energy drink flavoured e-juice. Taking inspiration from energy drinks, this e-liquid is perfect for people who love energy drinks.

Orange: This is a blend of fresh oranges paired with their signature fizzy sensation. This flavour is a special blend emulating the popular orange soda.

Cocktail: Fizzy Cocktail E liquid offers a true tropical fruit cocktail, stirred with lychee mango and peach with the signature icy kick for the exhale.

Honey Dew: Fizzy Honeydew E liquid is a refreshing yet perfectly ripened honeydew blend of e juices with a fizzy tinge. Fizzy Honeydew is a no frills honeydew soda e juice. Fizzy Honeydew E liquid comes in a collectible canned drink packaging and is a 55ml e liquid.

Punch: Fizzy are hitting you with a punch of sweet strawberry and fresh pineapple  with their signature cool touch!

Kola:  Famous cola flavor with a touch of fizziness. Blended with medium-low cooling sensation making it really hard to resist. 

Rainbow: Fizzy Rainbow E liquid takes a wide assortment of candy flavours for all colours of the rainbow and whips up a fizzy charge of flavour for you to chuck out clouds American style! 

Lemonade: Fizzy Lemonade E liquid delivers a sweet n' sour lemon punch straight to the taste buds paired with a carbonated touch and just the right amount of cooling for the traditional Malaysian vape.

Strawberry: Sweet strawberry flavour mixed with an added low mint cooling sensation for that added twist. 

Grape: Fizzy Grape 0mg 100ml Shortfill E liquid is a delicious grape flavour with an added fizzy twist.

Pineapple Bubblegum: Pineapple Bubblegum by Fizzy is a fruity candy lovers dream featuring the moreish flavours of sweet tangy pineapples blended with your favourite fruity candied bubblegum. Take a trip to nostalgia with this delicious vape.

Hawaiian Delight: Hawaiian Delight by Fizzy is a delicious E-liquid featuring a delightful blend of tropical fruits including freshly sliced tangy pineapple, sweet mangoes and topped off with hydrating slices of juicy watermelon pieces.

Blueberry Lemonade: Blueberry Lemonade by Fizzy is a drink flavour vape lovers dream featuring ripe and plump blueberries drenched with sweet fizzy citrus lemonade. This vape has intense fruity flavours topped off with subtle sour elements.

Grape Blast: Grapple Blast by Fizzy is a truly unique flavoured E-liquid featuring the deep flavours of ripe dark grapes blended and juiced alongside sweet green apples to form a delectable blend of fruit juices. This vape has a sharp and sour tones followed by a refreshing after-taste.

Strawberry Peach: Strawberry Peach by Fizzy is a delicious E-liquid featuring the exhilarating flavours of ripe freshly cut strawberries blended with tangy and fragrant tropical peach. This vape is full of flavour and has an aroma to match.

Mango Blackcurrant: Mango Blackcurrant by Fizzy is a deliciously fruity vape featuring the dark deep flavours of ripe blackcurrants smashed and blended with the uplifting flavours of sweet tropical mangoes. This vape has a delectable taste followed by a light and tangy aroma.

Lychee Lemonade: Lychee Lemonade by Fizzy is a delicious E-liquid featuring a classic and refreshing mixture of subtle sweet flavoured lychees drizzled with ice cold citrus lemonade. This vape has a clean moreish taste followed by a dreamy aroma.

Pineapple: Ripe pineapple blend paired with their signature fizzy sensation. Super tasty! If you like pineapple flavours, be sure to try this out!

Yellow Pear: Fizzy Yellow Pear E liquid is a sweet tongue twister with a citric yellow Pear with a cool menthol touch to balance the sweet inhale with a refreshing after taste like a chilled fizzy beverage from the fridge.

Wicked Mango: Wicked Mango by Fizzy is a truly tangy E-liquid featuring a medley of juicy tropical mangoes freshly sliced and juiced to perfection. This vape is sweet to taste followed by a moreish aroma making it perfect for any fruit lovers out there.

Sour Candy: Sour Candy by Fizzy is a candy lovers dream featuring a mix of fruity flavoured gummies coated in sweet crystals of sugar, these gummies are bursting with fruit juice to provide not only an amazing taste but sweet aroma.

Apple Cocktail: Apple Cocktail by Fizzy is a truly sophisticated vape utilizing a unique twist on the classic apple featuring the sweet and sour favours of red and green apples drenched with the secret ingredient cooling and refreshing lemonade.

Yam Cheese Milk: Delicious creamy, smooth and milky vape for anyone who likes something a little bit different!

Wild Berries: Fizzy Wild Berries E liquid is a wild berries flavoured Malaysian e juice, paired with Fizzy Juice's signature fizzy sensation it brings - only one word can describe it, amazing. If you're a berry lover, this e-liquid is for you!

Tropical Delight: Tropical Delight by Fizzy is a truly tropical experience that will teleport you to the beach, with a medley of juicy flavours including Sweet mangoes, Juicy watermelon and tangy papaya this vape should not be missed by any fruit lover.